maria shiel


Maria Shiel is a songwriter, musician and artist from the west of Ireland and has performed shows across Ireland, Europe and the USA including legendary venues such as CBGB’s in New York and The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. 

In the early 2000’s Maria formed the roots/ hip-hop band Guava and went on to tour nationally, sharing stages with Damien Rice, Glen Hansard and Paddy Casey. In 2011 she set up collaborative record label KYO Records to promote international musical collaboration and went on to work with musicians from all over Europe, China, Russia, and the USA. Through Kyo Records she released music under her electronic moniker MS44 and collaborated with acclaimed Irish producer Eomac. 

You can view, download and listen to her full catalogue of work with KYO Records HERE.

Maria is now gearing up to release her next solo record ‘Fire in the Sea!’, the long awaited follow up to 2015’s mini-album ‘Star’. 

‘Fire in the Sea!’ is inspired by the ocean and combines influences from both sides of the Atlantic including old time country, indigenous roots music and vocal harmony groups from the 1950s and 1960s. The album showcases Maria’s own esoteric take on trans-atlantic sea-folk along with an aesthetic influenced by the work of Mark Rothko, Japanese anime and the street art of Bristol.

You can buy an exclusive ‘Fire in the Sea!’ pre-release limited edition ‘CD/Art Covid Package’ from the Shop page ahead of general online release 12/20. The packages include all the album art drawn and painted by Maria (artist KYO) during the Covid lockdown months.


“With Fire In The Sea, Maria Shiel delivers the kind of Celtic-infused Americana that gives the genre a good name. What we have here is quality songwriting, expert musicianship, and melodies you’ll be humming from one side of the Atlantic to the other.” 

Tony Clayton Lee, The Irish Times

Fire in the Sea has an energy that makes some kind of a journey feel essential… most of the album evokes an “open road” sound in the same vein as country-western greats Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard or folk legend John Denver. As bold as that comparison is, I’m confident it holds up. Shiel may have a younger-sounding voice, but she wields it with an air of maturity and a soulful edge…”

“Fire in the Sea is an eclectic amalgamation of influences which blend together to create a dream world of mythic and mystical proportions, exploring the boundaries of time and the human connection with land, sea and music through multi-generational migration. This is music for staring out to sea on stormy days and for dancing around fires on clear moonlit nights.”

“Bristling with Confidence. A remarkable and honest debut album.”

Finbar Hoban Presents

“An avant-garde blend of past, present and future encompassing earthy and folk influences from around the world” 

SoundCloud Reviews

“A beautiful mix of electronica inspired acoustics that brings with it thoughts of other female artists like Florence Welch”

“An almost Enya-esque wall of ambient vocals… the perfect soundtrack for a movie dreamscape. Maria sounds a little like Edie Brickell”